From Glamping to Roughing It: Elevating the Camping Sleep Experience

by Jun 7, 2023Relaxium Sleep, Sleep Tips, Wellness

Jun 7, 2023

Learn the tricks to elevate your camping sleep experience from glamping to embracing the thrill of roughing it in the great outdoors.

Camping can be a very fulfilling and exciting experience. As most of us are used to sleeping inside four walls and a mattress, camping provides a different outlook that allows some perspective. 

So why not make it fun? Mother nature is often taken for granted so allow yourself to connect to the earth through the art of camping, and yes we did say art because there are ways to make camping even more fun than the classic tent and campfire. 

First things first, why camp in the first place?

If you are thinking of going camping but aren’t entirely sure if you’ll go through with it, allow us to explain the many benefits of doing so. 

  • Connection with nature: Nature is a natural stress reliever. It provides an escape from the fast and stressful world around us. Breathing fresh air and appreciating the world around you can prove to be just what you need. 
  • Physical activity: There are so many forms of physical activity that can be done through camping. hiking, swimming, and bike riding, all are great past times when camping. Even the setting up of a campsite requires energy. Fitness and cardiovascular health can be improved, making overall well-being better. 
  • Social bonding: If you are intimidated by the thought of camping alone, consider bringing along a friend or loved one. Camping is a fantastic way to build bonds! 
  • Digital detox: Our world is driven by technology. Camping allows the unplugging and detoxing of technology for a period of time. Most nature spots for camping have no cell service so you’re forced to be present and engage with your surroundings!
  • Adventure and exploration: It comes with the art of camping! Choose a spot where you will be able to experience and explore new things. Stunning waterfalls, trails, and rivers are all great places to explore. 
  • Cost-effective travel: As opposed to typical vacations and traveling, camping is typically much more cost-effective. In fact, some campsites even come with fully-equipped campgrounds. 
  • Memories and experiences: Experiences in nature are memories that aren’t easy to forget. As opposed to an excursion that is entirely planned and worked through, nature can provide experiences that are unlike any you could experience on a vacation.
  • Skill development: Whether you like it or not you will have many opportunities to learn different skills when camping. Starting a campfire, navigating nature, and even cooking outdoors are all skills that can be improved or developed. 
bring along a friend or loved one

What tips should I be aware of when camping?

Though there are so many reasons to go camping, there are many different things to be aware of before making the trip. Allow us to teach you some of the most common tips that will help your experience to flow as smoothly as possible.

  • Consider/ choose the right sleeping gear
  • Set up your campsite thoughtfully
  • Stay warm
  • Be careful with campfire
  • Prepare for weather
  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Be mindful of wildfire

Consider/choose the right sleeping gear

To keep the experience pleasant, sleep is necessary. This is something that can be difficult though because you can’t typically pack up the mattress you use every night. 

For the best sleep, consider:

  • Purchasing a high-quality sleeping bag
  • Using a sleeping pad or camping mattress to provide cushioning between yourself and the ground
  • Bringing a lightweight and compact camping pillow

Considering the adjustment of a typical bed schedule, make sure to take your Relaxium Sleep. Relaxium Sleep is a safe and effective sleep supplement that helps you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and have you waking up feeling refreshed and alert.

best sleep while camping

Set up your campfire thoughtfully

Where you settle for the night can significantly affect your experience camping. Make sure to pitch your tent somewhere away from rocks, roots, or other areas of discomfort. 

Clear the ground of debris to keep from disturbing your sleep and use a groundsheet to provide a layer to protect against moisture and punctures. 

Stay warm

In most scenarios, there is no heating or cooling when you choose to camp. In the case of sleeping at night, staying warm is crucial. To do so, make sure to layer your clothing, and maybe even wear a warm hat. 

This is also important to consider when picking a sleeping bag as there are many that are built for specific temperatures. 

Be careful of campfire

As wildfires are a risk with camping, making sure you are careful with campfires is very important. Make sure to check in with the safety and regulations of the campsite you are visiting. In general, you should brush up on fire safety. 

Make sure to keep the fire at a safe distance from the tent, and make sure it is completely extinguished before going to sleep. 

Prepare for weather

Another component that comes with camping is unpredictable weather. It is smart to make sure to check the upcoming forecast before going on your camping trip to prepare.

After doing this, make sure to bring the appropriate gear needed for said weather. Whether this means a tarp, canopy, or rain gear, it is best to stay prepared. 

Practice relaxation techniques

Due to the major adjustment that you are making being outside your home, you may get overwhelmed with your circumstances. In a case like this, it is a good idea to prepare yourself by practicing some relaxation techniques to help you relax.

Some of the most relaxing techniques include:

  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation
  • Stretching
  • Yoga

Pick what works best for you. 

Be mindful of wildlife

Wildlife comes with the territory of camping. You are bound to run into some animals you may not always see on a daily basis. 

Make sure to do some research in the area you are staying in so you know what precautions to take; you don’t want animals to steal your food!

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Have fun!

Camping is a great way to get out in nature and relax. It is what you make of it so if you prepare well, you will surely have a great time. 

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To restful and healthy days ahead. 

The Relaxium Team 

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