The Importance of Organization And Its Relationship to Stress

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Jan 27, 2023

There are many things in the world we are not able to control. This can provide large amounts of stress. Considering what we can typically control, our environment, and schedules, implementing organization can prove to be very helpful.

For some of us on the messier side, this can be difficult. Some enjoy spontaneity, they don’t want the same routines every day. It can be hard to set aside time in the day to make sure every task is completed, as well as tidy up personal space. Though it can be difficult, it is possible. If you choose to take the advice we give you, surely you may start to feel a sense of relief over time. 

How disorganization can impact you

Picture this; you walk into your house, and shoes and papers are scattered everywhere. You turn and see your kitchen, the dishes are piled up and there are food stains and dishes on the table. You walk past all of this just to go into your room and see clothes everywhere, bed sheets sprawled out, and the nightstand a mess. You lay in your bed and then worry about the next day’s problems with work, or friends. 

Sounds pleasurable? Probably not. This is because organization has been ignored. You leave a task on the back burner to do another one and you eventually come home to disorganization. While this was just an example and a dramatic one at that, many people struggle to become organized and stay that way. 

Disorganization can have an impact on both your mental and physical well-being. As far as physically goes, think about it, if you do not regularly clean, or keep things tidy the presence of things like mold and dust is bound to grow. Keeping in mind another serious implication is fire hazards. If you have clutter amongst the exteriors of your living area, imminent danger may be harder to escape. 

The importance of organization

There are many different benefits of organization. 

We will name a few:

  • Reduced stress
  • Improved sleep (which you know we love to see)
  • Allocates time for important events/people/obligations
  • Increase in productivity
  • Helps to make better choices when it comes to diet

Making a habit to put more effort into small daily things may help you to grow into a mindset where organization becomes second nature. You could start out with something as simple as making your bed every day. 

Keep in mind, being organized does not only apply to your physical living space, this applies to your time allocated for work, or obligations. 

Reduced stress and anxiety 

There are already a large number of obligations during the day. If you allow your living space to become cluttered, then you will have to worry about cleaning before your next guest arrives. 

We as humans can be the best procrastinators, but when the time hits to get everything done we feel large amounts of stress. Avoiding this by getting ahead of the game will only serve as a benefit to yourself. Lowering the number of tasks needed to be done in a day will help to reduce those cortisol levels. 

This mindset can be challenging in the beginning so consider an added natural supplement. Relaxium provides a drug-free, non-habit-forming calming supplement known as Relaxium Calm. The supplement has been designed to promote relaxation, elevate mood and supply the body with vital nutrients. 

Improved sleep

In numerous previous blogs, we have delved into the topic of how difficult falling asleep can be. Ignoring those daily thoughts and worries about the day or the day coming makes relaxing very difficult. The same can be applied to disorganization. 

If your mind is constantly bombarded by the stressors of life, the time it takes for us to fall asleep on average increases. 

Make your bed after you wake up. Arrange everything orderly as you like and see what change you will experience when trying to fall asleep. The less stress presented at bedtime means better sleep.

More time is allocated for the fun stuff!

Think about it, when you have a clear schedule you are much more clear-minded and you can make plans. You won’t have to stress about getting that presentation done while you’re out with friends, or think about if you turned on the dishwasher. 

Since you have taken the time to figure out what needs to be done first, you can now have some free time to do as you please. 

Increase in productivity 

Don’t you love the feeling of laying in bed after doing everything you needed to do for the day? Think about the last time you felt this way. For a lot of us, it just isn’t practical to get every little thing accomplished; but if you try, a lot is possible! 

When you start to get addicted to the feeling of an accomplished day, it might turn into a want, then a need. Once you have reached that level it will be hard to turn back, but that is ok because that is what we want!

Better diet choices

This can be linked back to productivity and stress. For some, stress eating is a way of coping with the struggles of the day. Sugars and fats make us feel good, in the moment. After that moment has passed that satisfaction ceases to exist. With lower levels of stress, you are less likely to stress-eat which benefits your health. 

What if you had your meals planned out? Or organizing your treats and snacks so you know just how much you have so you aren’t as likely to binge. Like we said before if you start to get into the habit of organization it will be hard to grow out of it. 

Start your organization plan today

We hope this is an eye-opener for you. Out of the few things in life we have control over, this is one of the best ones. Take some time out of your week to get everything aligned. Watch and see how your week plays out. We hope you will start to see an improvement.

To restful and healthy days ahead. 

The Relaxium Team 

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