The Calming Capabilities of Music

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Feb 15, 2023

Music has been around for centuries and because of that, we have been able to study its effects. To little surprise, music does much more good than you may realize. Though you may favor one genre over another, all have their moments. 

Music has more power over the mind than you may know. Mood, concentration, memory, and even blood pressure if affected by music. Allow us to discuss all benefits that come from music. By the end, no doubt you will have more appreciation than you did before.

The Origin of Music 

Though we cannot pinpoint the exact moment music was “invented,” we do know it goes back to prehistoric times, around 40,000 BP. The earliest musical instrument discovered was the 60,000-year-old Neanderthal flute. As we know Neanderthals were some of the oldest traces of the human species. The Neanderthal flute was created from the left thighbone of a bear. Four holes lie at the top, similar to the flutes we know now. 

The earliest genres of music were folk, classical music, and blues. The next to step up were jazz, rock and roll, and then hip hop. All of these genres affected society and culture. They became entertainment, listening in on the radio, or attending concerts. It was a way for people to bond. 

From bone to brass, music started to shape who we are as humans and how we started to think, especially in the areas of:

  • Memory 
  • Sleep patterns
  • Concentration

All are positively affected by music. Now we will tell you just how. 

Musics link to memory 

The sheer act of listening to music has a profound effect on memory. Many studies have shown that music can temporarily improve mood, behavior, and even cognitive function in patients with conditions such as dementia. 

The award-winning documentary, Alive Inside is a perfect example of this. The point of the documentary was to document the effects that music has on the behaviors, moods, and quality of life of elderly patients. 

Without spoiling the entirety of the film, there were great strides in the memories of the patients. Some that were usually unable to speak were able to sing and some were able to repeat the names of songs they listened to. 

Alive Inside has a website devoted to not only the film but also the research that supports this cause. Bringing light to a study performed in 2020, researchers from the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis’ goal was to study the impact of personalized music and reduced amounts of consumed medications and its results on memory. 

A total number of 4,107 residents in a nursing home participated. We have listed for you some of the results

  • Use of “antipsychotic drugs” declined by 13%
  • Anti-anxiety medications declined by 17% each quarter for those participating in the program
  • Symptoms of depression decreased by 16%  per quarter
  • Reported pain decreased by 17% per quarter

Musics link to sleep patterns

Sleep and relaxation are some of the most important values of Relaxium. That is why we have created supplements with natural ingredients like Relaxium Sleep, and Relaxium Calm

Relaxium Sleep is a supplement designed to help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling more refreshed and alert. 

Relaxium Calm is another supplement that we offer that is designed to help promote relaxation, help elevate mood, and supply vital nutrients to the body.

Music has its own power on sleep patterns as well! Consider what you go through when you are listening to your favorite album or artist. You listen to the songs that make you feel the way you want to. The same logic can be applied here. Listening to music has the capabilities of calming your heart rate, blood pressure and even your nervous system. 

Music provides a distraction from all of the noise in the real world. Its links to faster sleep and quality of sleep are the results we are wanting to see.

Musics link to better concentration

Often enough if you go into a coffee shop, or any college campus, you will see a multitude of people working and listening to music. For some this can seem distracting, or even backwards. For others, this is how they get themselves to focus. 

Music actually activates both the left and right sides of the brain. This means there can be an influx of creativity and understanding when performing tasks while listening to music. 

You may ask, what kind of music should I listen to then? Let us recommend a few:

  • Classical music: Whether it is your type of music or not, classical music has proven itself worthy in all kinds of research. Consider the fact alone that there is no need to pay attention to lyrics because oftentimes there is none!
  • Spa music: Just like the relaxation that comes from physical spa, the music played there is played for a reason! 
  • Nature sounds: We have discussed in a previous blog the benefits of noises like “blue noise” and “brown noise.” These are similar to sounds of nature, so consider taking a listen! 
  • Lo-fi music: Lo-fi music has become increasingly popular as of late. Lo-fi means “low fidelity.” This means that the quality is lowered or is stripped of production. It is generally a mix of a couple genres of music: jazz, pop, and hip hop. 

The next time you are trying to work and are feeling a bit frustrated, pop some earbuds in and give it a try! 

Music, the best thing before sliced bread!

Picturing a world without music is almost impossible. The need for art and creativity flows through every human being, which is the reason music was even created. Now that it resides as such a monumental piece of entertainment, the world can never go without it. Truly the benefits of music far outway any possible “negatives,” if there really are any. We hope the next time you turn on the radio, or play a tune on your phone that you will feel an entire new sense of appreciation. 

To restful and healthy days ahead. 

The Relaxium Team 

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