Having Trouble Focusing? Try These Exercises

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Mar 1, 2023

Physical exercise provides a number of benefits to the body. Not only can they make you feel good, but they can put you in a perspective of concentration and relaxation. If you have been looking for a reason to take up exercising, this may be the final push you need. 

All sorts of exercises can be beneficial to the body. Whether they be extreme HITT (high-intensity interval training), or even more relaxed workouts, both are effective. We are going to list for you a number of different types of exercise. Pick and choose what feels right to you

How can exercise improve concentration?

When you exercise, every part of the body is stimulated in some sort of way. This is especially so for the brain. Physical activity, especially intense exercise pushes the blood in your body to flow to your brain. What happens from here is neurons are activated which promotes cell growth. 

Besides just concentration, exercising helps in many other areas such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Strengthened bones and muscles 
  • Reduced risks of diseases
  • Improved brain health

With all of these in mind, with the right concentration you will be able to achieve any goal you set your mind to. All of this combined makes one really compelling argument wouldn’t you say?

For some though, it is a difficult task to get into a schedule of consistent exercise. Why is this? Well, for many reasons. 

  • The idea of a gym can be intimidating
  • They may feel like there isn’t enough time in the day
  • The person doesn’t know where to start 
  • A person may not enjoy strenuous workouts
  • There is a loss of motivation

All these reasons are valid and understandable. What you can take away from this though is that it doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to sign up for a gym membership; rather purchase some free weights and utilize a local trail. 

You don’t need 3 hours a day of exercise; you can do a minimum of 20 minutes and still accomplish what you need to. If you need extra help, consider a supplement like Relaxium Focus Max. The supplement was designed to promote sharper focus, boost brain performance, and supply the body with vital nutrients. 

Not knowing where to start can be difficult, but that is why we are here!

A loss of motivation is a hard one to tackle. We can’t force you to feel like you need to exercise; exercise shouldn’t feel forced whatsoever. What we can tell you though is that if you are struggling, exercise will prove to be a useful tool. 

The different types of exercise

Luckily for you, there are many different types of exercise you can choose from. Some range from walking in a park to swimming in a pool. Whatever you enjoy most is what you should do. 

Allow us to list some different types of exercise:

  • Aerobic: this form of exercise is where you combine rhythm with stretching and strength training. Examples of this include walking, jumping rope, swimming, and biking. 
  • Muscle-strengthening: Just like the name, the purpose is to push and strengthen your muscles harder than you normally would. Examples of this include pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups.
  • Bone-strengthening: this exercise puts force on the bones to promote strength as well as growth. Examples of this include running, jumping rope, and sports such as tennis and basketball. 
  • Flexible activity: this exercise is where you improve your joints and movements that are responsible for getting you through the day. Examples of this include yoga, and tai chi. 

Choosing between and perfecting one or more of these exercises will surely promote a healthy lifestyle.

As far as focus goes, all workouts result in the release of endorphins. Endorphins are what can be best described as “feel good” chemicals. 

Workout #1: Running 

You may have heard of the term, “runners high.” This occurs when you run at a consistent pace and length. Some listen to their favorite songs as well and the release of endorphins can feel euphoric. 

So consider heading over to the nearest trail, or getting on a treadmill. Start at a comfortable pace and gradually move up. A good rule of thumb is every five minutes. For example, if you are starting a run at 3.0 mph after five minutes, move up to 3.5, and so on. Listen to the music that gets you excited, and wear the most comfortable shoes. 

Running requires nothing but your body and some energy. Anyone can do it and feel more focused.

Workout #2: HITT 

Not the simplest, but one of the most effective for focus. High intensity interval training is exactly what it sounds like, fast and difficult. Often with these types of workouts, there are no breaks. 

HITT is a combination of different techniques at a fast pace. For example, a HITT workout may consist of jogging for 2 minutes and sprinting for 30 seconds to a minute. As stated before though, there is a limit of breaks, often none at all. 

The benefit of this workout though is the efficiency. With little breaks, you can get all your energy out and utilize the tactic of burning calories much faster.

Workout #3: Pilates

Very similar to yoga, pilates focuses on core strength as well as balance. Pilates is actually considered a form of strength training. 

Pilates is a very accessible form of exercise because just like running and certain HITT workouts, you only need your body. Utilizing certain positions and focusing on balancing your body weight can be a lot harder than it sounds. 

Pick an open space where you live and set down a yoga mat. Pilates exercises can be found on a number of platforms. 

Workout #4 Swimming

Swimming is a type of exercise that is very beneficial for the body. Comparatively to both running and biking, time spent swimming falls into aerobic activity, which helps greatly with decreasing the risk of disease. 

In fact, swimmers have half the risk of death compared to people who are not as active. 

You’ve got so many options

With the information we have given you, we hope that you can find an exercise that you enjoy. Not every exercise has to be super difficult and require a gymnasium. Try some of these out! 

To restful and healthy days ahead. 

The Relaxium Team 

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