Finances, One of The Top Stressors of America; 5 Ways to Stay Calm

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Jan 13, 2023

It is no secret that finances continue to be the world’s greatest stressor. So many things come back to money. While we consider this a reality, there are ways to manage this kind of stress. 

Reports have discovered that American’ stress levels have increased even more in the past year. A report written in 2022 by Value Penguin described that 84% of Americans report feeling stressed weekly as opposed to the 78% that reported on the same subject in 2021. The kicker is that 32% agreed on finances being the biggest source of stress versus 22% of the previous year. 

Why finances? 

There are, unfortunately, many different things that bring stress to everyday people. Daily chores, work, and family problems, all of these are things that bring stress. At the end of the day though, in this economy, a lot of the foundation necessary to have these problems are the need or lack of efficient money needed to perform daily tasks. 

This is not to say that any of the other stressors are invalid, everyone faces these from time to time. Finance trouble tends to place higher in most situations. Due to this, having methods of calmness can be greatly beneficial. 

Financial Stress Tip #1: Create a budget

This may seem very simple, but taking time out of your day to create a budget can make a large difference and will help you to see how much you have to spare. 

To create a budget, it will be smart to do the following:

  • Calculate your net income
  • List all of your weekly/monthly expenses
  • Come up with a list of financial goals 
  • Eliminate unnecessary expenses and create a plan
  • Adjust to your plan
  • Continually review the plan as needed

By doing this you will be able to physically see the numbers you have which will help to put your mind at ease. Creating a budget allows some time for reflection as well. If you see that there is a large amount of money being put forth towards something that isn’t needed, that money can be allocated elsewhere. 

Physically analyzing your next financial move may be able to help you sit back and relax for a moment rather than having that worry in the back of your mind at all times. 

Financial Stress Tip #2: Save any money you can

If by chance you are able to, try to set money aside. If you get that extra holiday bonus, consider putting it aside rather than spending it right away. That money can be used to help fund something else you may need in the future. 

By no means do you need to save large amounts of money, even a small amount can help in the long run. This will also help to set a precedent for keeping with your budget if you ever need to tap into some extra costs. 

Financial Stress Tip #3: Try to find other ways of making money

This can be a fun kind of project to take up. Learning new ways to make money; even a side hustle can be a great way of earning some extra cash. If you have a talent, whether that be painting, writing, or maybe even photography, any sort of talent you may be born with can be used in a fun way. Many people take it upon themselves to create a website where they can then start to sell things they make, or offer services they specialize in. 

Sites like Etsy offer the average person to create an account where they can then sell things they create. There truly is a niche for most all things so doing something like this could be a fun side hustle. 

Finding another night or part-time job may be another option you could take up. If you can spare the time, or even find a remote position, this could help bring in another stream of revenue. 

If either of these options isn’t practical for you, see if you can add a few more hours to your work schedule. This or negotiating a raise with your boss may be the route to take. 

Financial Stress Tip #4: Track the savings you see in your new budget plan

A budget doesn’t mean much if you aren’t seeing results. This is why we say to go back and look and change your budget plan. Once you start to see the money that you have now set aside being put towards the more important things, you will feel relief. 

Sometimes we think we need more than we truly do. After seeing the impact on your bank account after some time you will never go back. 

Financial Stress Tip #5: Take some time to lay back

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t make a point about relaxation. What better tip for helping with stress than to sit back and be proud of the progress you have made? Taking steps to work on the stress of finances shows that you are a forward thinker and you rationalize better than lots of other people. This is something to be proud of. 

If you want to consider some added help to maintain a sense of calmness, consider our Relaxium Calm supplement. This supplement has been designed to promote relaxation, help elevate mood, and supply vital nutrients to the body. Through the use of natural, drug-free ingredients, this calming supplement may help you during the process of sitting back and being proud of what you have accomplished in your financial journey. 

Let’s get that % of stress down by the end of 2023

As stated before, your efforts to combat financial stress are something to be proud of. Millions of Americans struggle with this stress and it can be hard to combat. We hope these tips help to lead you in the right direction. 

To restful and healthy days ahead. 

The Relaxium Team 

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